Lactona Tablet

The potent tranquilizer, behavior modifier and powerful Glactagogue.


  • Lactona Bolus is a highly patent tranquilizer, behavior modifier and effective tranquilizer for Agalactia, Hypogalactia and irregular lactation and dairy cattle due to psychological factors of
  • Among the Lactogenic herbs one of the potent herbs Adiantum Lanulantum (Jatamasi) is an effective drug against psychosis and acts as a potent tranquilizer by inducing lactogenic potentiality of milch cattle for increasing of milk by eradicating the psychological factors along with other lactogenic herbs.
  • To increases the secretion of milk and to correct the hormonal deficiency if any.
  • To induce lactogenic effect in case of diminished lactaton.
  • To increases the release of prolactin, to help to increases mammary gland weight and promote the growth of lobulo alveolar tissue for enhancing milk out put in animals with scanty milk products complaint.
  • To regulate and to store milk yield.
  • Also to improve fat percentage and SNF.

20gm, 100gm & 450 gm

  • 10 – 20 tabs twice a day or as directed by veterinarian.
Lactona Tablet