Feedvet-M Powder

An excellent vitamins, macro, micro minerals and essential amino acids


Feedvet-M is an excellent combination of vitamins, Macro and Micro minerals and essential Amino acids for livestock and Poultry. To ensure balanced nutrition.

  • For enhanced production, growth and development. To remove deficiency diseases & metabolic diseases. To fight against multiple stress. To Improve infertility.
  • For live stock: For individual feeding of adult cattle 30gm. and 15gm. for young animals, For cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats and Pig finshers: Add 1Kg. Of Feedvet-M to 400 Kg. feed and 2.5kg Feedvet-M per tonne of feed. For Poultry: Layers & Growers: Add 5kg of feedvet-M to one tonne of feed Startars, Finishers and Breeders: Add 5 kg of feedvet-M in one tone of feed.

1 kg and 2.5 kg Pack.

Feedvet-M Powder