What Are Herbs

Nature At Its Best To Cure

The word a Herbal comes from the word a herbal, meaning grass. It is also used to describe any part of the plant such as the stem, barks, leaf, flower or seeds that serve to flavored foods. Our ancestors depended on nature for remedies. Today we are dependent on medicine chests like currency chests. Earlier people used to be dependant on meadows.

What Are The Different Types Of Herbs?

Broadly speaking there are four different types of herbs, classified as per their use.

  • Culinary herbs used to enhance the flavor and aroma of food.
  • Aromatic herbs used to stimulate mood and senses.
  • Remedial herbs possess the remedy for specific diseases or deficiencies.
  • Medicinal herbs are those that possess healing properties.

How Are Herbs Useful?

Herbs can be used in many different ways depending on the problem, individual and what is its application.


This process has appeared to have originated in a method at one time in use for the extraction of potassium carbonate from the ashes of wood.


The therapeutic activity of drug may be due to one only of the costituents which it contains or it may be attributable to several. In some instances it is known that the action which a method is known whereby this substance can be extracted from the drug in an economical manner and readily purified, there is little reason for administering to the patient the remaining inactive constituents as well.

Plant Juice

In the expression of juices from plants or parts of plants. the fresh plant is necessarily always employed. The plant is collected in early morning and either sliced longitudinally and transversely or bruised in a stone mortal or mill.


The process of making a fresh infusion consist of maintaining a definite weigh of drug, suitably comminuted in contact with a definite weigh of water of water for a specified length of time at the end of which the liquid is poured off and stained.


The process of decoction consist of boiling the drug in a suitable state of communication with water for a stated time straining and passing water through the contents of strainer to produce a definite volume. It was used chiefly for vegetable drugs of a hard and woody nature, with thermo stable water soluble constituents

Tablets or Capsules are herbal medicine preparations in a convenient form to avoid bitter taste and fast paced modern lifestyle.